Since 1982, G.S. ITALIA supplies machines to prepare and pack different kinds of foods (both fresh, pasteurized, and deep-freezed); we have being working for many years in the field of food industry and, moving in our new factory in Marnate (Varese), we have grown and improved ourselves. Thanks to our reliability, high degree of technical competence and modern computerized systems, all our products can be very competitive on the Italian market, as well as on the international one.


We are looking for distribution partners/retailers for certain geographic areas. If you are interested, please contact us.


G.S. ITALIA is leader in projecting plants to prepare sauces; in particular, we are specialized in MAYONNAISE” and “KETCHUP field and, with more than 200 plants all over the world, we can also supply the processing & packaging technology for these products (supply of complete plants from processing to packaging in glass jars, tubes, trays, 3 & 5 kgs. buckets, mono-portion pouches).


G.S. ITALIA manufacture VOLUMETRIC FILLING groups (from 10 up to 5000 cc.) or temporized fillers, for any use: manual or automatic to be installed on production lines. These groups are suitable for liquid, pasty and semi-thick products; they can be supplied with different kinds of stainless steel hopper and have nozzles which can be replaced according to the product to be dosed.


Our company realized also lines to prepare salads with Mayonnaise and Jelly (i.e. “Russian salad”, "Capricciosa" salad with mayonnaise and strips of vegetables, etc.), packed under vacuum. All these products can be preserved up to 90 days, keeping them in refrigerator at a temperature of +2°/+4° C.


Some of our plants can be completely controlled by PLC, which allows to make quicker all production phases with possibility to insert some automatic devices for the following:

-    weight of the ingredients in loading cells

-    automatic unloading of the product into holding tanks that can be directly connected, through pumps and level detectors, to the filling stations so to have automatic product feeding.


Furthermore, very innovative and of last conception are our :


Lines to prepare SANDWICHES: semiautomatic and/or automatic, allow to reach high output with the minimum use of personnel. These lines are purposely planned according to customer’s productive exigencies and they can include all different phases of sandwich preparation: cut of the bread and of the other ingredients (ham, salami, etc.), automatic filling of the sauces and/or salads, packing of the finished product.  


Lines to prepare LASAGNE and ready meals, that are purposely planned according to customer’s needs. They can be in-line or rotary, semiautomatic and/or automatic: from the production of dressings (meat sauce and béchamel) to the preparation and packing of the final product ready to be sold.


GAS GRILL-MARKER suitable to grill: vegetables, meat and fish fillets; it’s a very innovative machine operated by gas (GPL or Methane) that can produce up to 200/300 kg./hour of grilled product.


ELECTRIC GRILL-MARKER suitable for small and medium productions.


G.S. ITALIA produces and/or deals in many other machines, such as: filling rotary machines, blenders with or without vacuummixers and filling machine for jelly, thermoforming machines to pack products in mono-portion packages (i.e. butter, honey, jam, etc.). See our GENERAL CATALOGUE in Download area.


And more than this: G.S. ITALIA is able (thanks to the great technology of its plants and to the high skill of its technical staff) to make study and execute special lines according to customer’s needs, and to provide a valid support in the research of the best solutions for the various problems connected to the production and packing of food products. 

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